Oceanfront Home in Sandwich

This direct beachfront home in Sandwich involved the tear-down of an existing structure and the new construction of a custom home. Given the location of the home, construction involved the placement of deep pilings into the sand.

Project Manager: Mike Katon

Job Superintendent: Rick Lawrence

Sandwich Beachfront Home Construction Progress

The project started with demolition of the existing home.

The cleared site, ready for the start of construction.

Setting the deep pilings that will support the beachfront home.

Steel work underway.

Constructing the platform.

Framing the first floor.

Second floor framing nearly complete.

Living space framed, custom sliders in place.

Kitchen framing nearly complete, ready for MEP’s.

Great progress on exterior siding.

Livingroom drywall up and wood floors down. (Under protective material).

Kitchen cabinets roughed in place.

Master bedroom drywalled and ready for lighting fixtures.

Custom closet built and in place.

Exterior shower constructed with plumbing in place.

Beachside deck completed.

Beach stairs under construction.