I’ll Complete Later Online


Ok, great, when we hang up I will send you a link to that form. As soon as you fill it out, Mike/Christian will be notified and he will reach out to you within the next day or two. Let me just confirm I have the correct email address and Phone number for you.

{Confirm that the name, email and phone on the web lead form are correct}

Thanks for confirming that.  By the way, can I ask how you first heard of us? Was it a customer referral, jobsite sign, magazine article or did you just find us through a google search?

(Note their answer).


Oh ok great. That’s good to know.

Well it’s nice to meet you by voice and its been so nice speaking with you.

Please look for that email from me in just a few minutes with the link to the online project information form.

Once that’s been completed, Mike will reach out to you to chat more about your project.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions. You’ll have my contact info and the office phone number in the email I am about to send.

Is there anything else I can help you with before I let you go? (No)

{Gracefully end call and follow next steps below)}


•Copy, paste and send the email template content below to the client (Be sure to change the “name” and be sure to attach the appropriate digital brochure based on the type of project they are calling about. (New home, addition reno, high performance)

• Record and save the contact info, marketing source and notes for this call and send to team for follow up.

•Send this person’s name. phone number and email address to Ed Smith so they can be added to the email list


Dear NAME,

It was nice chatting with you! I know the team will be excited to learn more about your project! Below is a link to the more detailed project information form we discussed. As soon as you complete it we can schedule a call to discuss further.

I’m also attaching a digital brochure that talks about The Valle Group approach and features some projects similar to yours. I just thought this might be of interest to you.

Here’s the link: https://vallegroup.com/more-info-form-new-home/

Looking forward,