Our Team

Jered Teixeira

Lead Carpenter

Valle Group Carpenter, Jered joined the team in late 2021. A Falmouth native, Jered graduated from Upper Cape Regional Voc-Tech where he studied Carpentry and Electrical. Shortly thereafter, he moved out to the warmer climes of Nevada and lived in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

While out west, Jered honed his craft as a professional carpenter. He spent a few years in the residential water treatment industry before returning to his primary Trade. During this time, Jered developed a passion for his two main hobbies which are competitive ATV racing and building specialized low-rider cars and mini trucks. Jered has won a number of ATV races and placed second in national championships. A couple of his mini-trucks have been featured in Hot Rodding magazines.

After 25 years in the desert, Jered felt the draw back to the Cape and to the company of family. He and his girlfriend, along with their two and half year old son and Jered’s 16 year old step son moved back to Falmouth in 2020.