Passive House

The Valle Group is underway on another high performance Passive House. This approach to construction represents the highest standards in quality and energy efficiency.

Project Manager: Andrew Seguin

Site Supervisor: Paul Kirk

Construction Progress

Sitework underway.

Foundations begin.

Foundation work continues.

Framing of  floor joists.

Framing of  floor joists to support the first floor.

First floor framing and sheathing.

Interior framing underway.

Rear view framing and sheathing.

Detail of insulative Zip system (for sheathing).

Framed openings for large windows.

Detail of framed double wall (to accommodate additional insulation).

Structural steel to carry upper floor.

Second floor and roof in place.

Garage  framed and sheathed.

Interior framing continues.

Framing of large windows.

Interior framing continues.

Windows going in along with garage doors.

Front window installation.

Rear of home with windows in place.

Ready for siding.

Interior framing continues.

Front siding finished.

Prepping for wallboard.

Side siding nearly complete.

Close up of double wall.

Stairway framed and drywalled.

Drywall in place, window trim going in.

Drywall in family room.

Rear siding in place.

Front and side siding in place.

Kitchen build-out underway.

Exterior painting.

Bathroom build-out underway.

Exterior painting.

Detail of window trim.