Shoreline Home Restoration in Falmouth

The reality of shoreline living is that homes on the water face an ongoing battle with the elements. It’s just part of nature. The Valle Group is engaged in the exterior restoration of this beautiful old home. The project involves new cedar siding, roof and windows, along with a kitchen renovation.

Project Manager: Alex Stewart

Site Supervisor: Rob Oberton

Shoreline Home Restoration Progress

Exterior view of home renovation

New cedar shingles underway.

Renovation to exterior of bay front home Massachusetts

Rear (waterside) work in progress.

Construction of new deck on existing home (View of harbor)

View from what will be the new upper deck.

Carpenter doing kitchen renovations

Raising the kitchen ceiling.

New cedar siding on home renovation in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Entry siding nearly complete.

Under construction photo of front entryway on Cape Cod

Entry detail.

New cedar shingles being applied to waterfront home on Cape Cod

Rear siding continues.

Bowed veranda on home on Cape Cod

Rear siding detail.

Exterior renovation of large house in Falmouth Massachusetts

Rear siding nearly complete.