Interesting Interiors: What’s Trending This Year

Staying on trend can be difficult, especially when it comes to designing a space to live in for years to come. 2018 saw many exciting new trends like the revival of wallpaper, blue kitchens and curved couches. This year, these trends and more are being taken to the next level. If your New Year’s resolution is to create a trendy living space, here is what Joan Valle, Director of Design predicts for 2019:

Deep Saturated Colors & Bold Patterns


Deep, saturated colors, both light and dark, have been gaining popularity slowly but surely over the past few years. Even if you’re not ready to commit to “Living Coral,” Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, the options are endless. Incorporating saturated colors on the walls, floors or décor accents means that you can buy more neutral furnishings that will still look great if your tastes change.

We’ve been seeing bold, beautiful patterns popping up in flooring, tile backsplashes, wallpaper and even fabric! These patterns can be colorful or pleasantly neutral and still have a major design impact.

Mixed colors, textures, patterns and furniture styles.

Leave everything you know about matching in 2018. Mixed metals, textures, colors and more are going to be big in 2019. Don’t be afraid to take some risks, your interior designer can help you make the final decisions as to what will work best for your space.  You don’t have to commit to patterned floor tiles and wallpaper, choose one and use furnishing accents like rugs, hardware, and light fixtures to really switch things up.

More blue in the kitchen. (Via, Kimberly Gavin)

White kitchens aren’t going away anytime soon, but this year, expect to see more accent colors incorporated into kitchen design. Blue islands were a big trend last year and this year we will see blue and dark gray cabinetry taking over the whole kitchen. Whether you opt for a light, powder blue or a deep royal blue, there are many ways to bring color to the kitchen.

Concrete patterned floor and backsplash tiles in kitchens and baths.

(Via Decorpad)

Concrete is an inexpensive and easy to maintain material that can add texture and contrast to your space. It can be used almost anywhere, with concrete floors, walls, and even countertops becoming a growing trend. Concrete looks great in open floor plans and adds a sleek, industrial look.

In 2019, expect to see more concrete tiled floors and backsplashes as more companies have started to produce them. The tiles are extremely durable, water-proof, and the patterns are absolutely stunning.

Unique and exciting pendant lights and chandeliers.

(Via Diana Paulson)

The lighting industry has exploded in recent years, with more and more exciting designs being released every year. You can easily find beautiful lighting at every price point so it’s all about the design. Glass and mixed metal pendants have increased in popularity and geometric styles are on the rise as well. Industrial or sculptural chandeliers are being seen more as art pieces than lighting fixtures and fun materials such as wicker and woven grass are expected to be popular this year.

If you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by these trends, we can help! We offer full-service interior design services to take the stress out of putting together your new home. We’ll help you choose colors, furnishings, accents, and more, all while your home in under construction (or after!) If you’re interested in learning more about Valle’s interior design services, contact us!

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