Ready to Build? Why a Budget is your Best Friend.

When it comes to home building, it is a lot of fun to think about the excitement of a new house. Picture gleaming floors, new finishes, and all the custom touches that will make it the home of your dreams.

At the same time, it may not be as enjoyable to think about all the different design elements and the costs.  But having an idea of both the budget and design will help the process go a lot smoother, creating cost and time savings along the way.

What do I need to have in mind?

Ideally you should understand your total budget for the project, including contingency funds for design changes and unforeseen construction costs.  You should put together a budget number you are comfortable with and is realistic for your scope. Most people have a number in mind when they decide to build, but if you don’t your architect can help you identify a cost/sq. foot number that he or she can design to.

Having both a budget and design prepared when you sit down with us will ensure that your expectations and funds match.  It may seem to be common sense but if your dreams don’t align with your budget the project can stall before it even starts. This starting process is also more efficient because we can make suggestions based on these two key factors. Being open about your budget and your dreams will help us forge a stronger partnership and we will not be in the position down the line of informing you that your choices exceed your ability to pay for them.

For design ideas you can look online, review magazines, do home tours – there is inspiration everywhere!  You should be able to find some great ideas to incorporate in your home.

Stuck? We are also able to help in the designing and budgeting process, introducing you to architects and designers if needed.

Experience a faster, more enjoyable process

So once we agree on the design and a realistic budget, the fun can begin! Now you can focus in on your preferences from exterior finishes to interior specifications.  These include architectural style of the home, roof, window and siding selections and all interior elements like cabinetry, flooring, plumbing fixtures, trim packages etc.

We know there are a lot of complexities in the decision making process and now that the homework is done on Design and Budget you are ready to go…and we are ready to help!  Contact us now to get started.

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