What Square Footage is Right for You?

When you dream of building a home, you likely have a vision in your head about the type. But maybe you are not sure which size home is right for your family. If you’re having trouble determining how much space is the best for your custom build, we have some considerations that can help.

Family Size

Depending on how long you plan to live in the home, think about how many family members will be living there. You will need to consider not only the members of your family currently, but any that might be added in the future. If you are part of a young family, will there be more children down the road? If you have aging parents, could any of them potentially live with you? This will help you understand rooms and their placements as people in your family are likely to use rooms differently. For example, if there will be teenagers in the home, they might like some privacy (a finished basement, or a recreation room to host friends). Or you might have a parent move in, and you will want to consider an in-law suite. Consider each member of your family and how they will use the home, including potential scenarios in the future.


Are you part of a big family that hosts weekly dinners? Is your spouse social and you have parties frequently? Do you have teenagers who have friends constantly congregating? Think about what you like to do in your home and how many people are typically there. For example, if you often have friends over for dinner, you may want a larger kitchen since people tend to gather there. If you live in a warm climate and love to barbeque, think about the spaces that lead to the backyard. Look at what you currently enjoy and what family members might enjoy in the future.


You need to take an honest look at your budget when you begin the process of searching for homes. It probably comes as no surprise that more square footage will likely cost more. If you choose to buy an existing home, you could be looking at a lower cost of square footage. The costs involved and your budget should be key factors when deciding on square footage. Don’t forget to consider property taxes that are based on the value of your home.

Future Maintenance

Bigger spaces require more work. Consider ongoing maintenance, including cleaning and yard maintenance. Also, monthly costs like heating and cooling will come into play. Naturally, a bigger space requires more energy to regulate the temperature. Make sure you understand what monthly payments will be and that they are manageable for your family.

If you need advice on understanding what square footage is perfect for your family, just ask us. We have decades of experience not only building beautiful homes but helping people create their ideal space. Contact us here.

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